Finally ! After a long wait this track is finally available. A smooth progressive atmosphere where a nostalgic piano speaks to you.
Imagine the sunset...

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  K001 : SAUL B - OCTOBER 1962
our first NEW release

A trip between past and future , from italo-disco sounds to more and technoish atmospheres. Ewan Rill add his unique skills to this release that will bomb your dancefloor!Featuring : JFK




Our world is getting more crowded as we recently reached 7 billion people. Meanwhile, Michel Plamondon has decided to celebrate / denounce this situation with a techno track. Percussions and dark synths evolve and create a twisted atmosphere, but the real protagonist here is the brilliant use of vocal samples in an unidentified language. Saul B add to the package a deep house remix , smooth and dreamy with a big low bass that will blow your windows away !